In desperate need, your help matters

Whether it is the blue cinderblock exterior or the collapsed roof, the Pee Dee Salkehatchie Camp’s most difficult and ramshackle house to date is hard to miss. With one look, the idea of anyone living in it seems impossible. Perhaps it could provide adequate shelter for animals looking to burrow into the earth, but no human being, no child of God should live in such a state of ruin. But, Mr. Nathaniel Wright does. For Mr. Wright, this is home.

image (1)

The most pressing problem is obvious:  the roof has collapsed. The few remaining supports are covered in tarps, a sad excuse for shelter in the rain and snow. Step inside the house and Mr. Wright’s desperate environment becomes unbearable. The floor joists are rotten along with the subfloor. The plumbing is decrepit with no functioning toilet or shower.

Typically, each site designated for renovations through Salkehatchie is allotted $3,000. The estimated price tag for the necessary renovations for Mr. Wright’s home is $9,000. With $4,000 already raised for this project, Camp Pee Dee is short of funds to turn this dilapidated structure into a proper home. So, we turn to you, to those of you who’ve heard Christ’s call to serve the poor. Those who believe as Christ believed, that whatsoever you do to the least among us, you do unto to Him.

image (2)

That $9,000 has been thoughtfully planned to provide a new roof, shingles or tin (whichever is most cost-efficient), new floor joists, a proper subfloor, a toilet, a shower, and functioning plumbing. Can any among us imagine what it would truly be like to live without modern plumbing?


Mr. Wright has been passed over by too many. He is in desperate need of a Good Samaritan. May each of you be that Samaritan. Please give whatever you can for this most necessary act of service.

To contribute, make your check payable to TRUMC Foundation and mark the memo line: Wright house. Donations can be left with the TRUMC Office or in Sunday’s offertory.



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