Simple Items, Real Opportunity

Boots. Socks. Undergarments. These are simple, everyday items.

For most of us, when our socks have holes in them, our shoes are past their recommended mileage, and the elastic in our underwear is shot, we roll up to our favorite retailer and purchase replacements. But, what if these simple, everyday items could get you one step closer to a job with a living wage, food for your children, and a permanent home?

What if these items were simply out of your financial reach?

For the working poor of the Midlands, new shoes, socks, and undergarments can mean being prepared for new opportunities. For so many of the working poor of the Midlands, the gift of new shoes, socks, and undergarments is opportunity.

closeup photo of brown lace up boot
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The mission of The Cooperative Ministries is to increase the economic independence of the poor and working poor in the Midlands.

In 1982, five Midlands churches founded The Cooperative Ministries to answer God’s call to help the poor. Today, the cooperative includes over 120 partner agencies. God’s call to help the poor has been heard and is being answered by the tireless partners, team members, and volunteers of The Cooperative Ministries.

We build bridges to tomorrow by meeting immediate needs and teaching skills and providing resources for long-term independence and stability.

They serve the poor through crisis assistance and sustainability programs such as counseling and crisis services, food vouchers, rent/mortgage and utilities assistance, and a furniture and clothing bank.

TRUMC already has a strong relationship with Cooperative Ministries as a a host and source of volunteers for its clothing bank.

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In keeping with the TRUMC Foundation objective to honor God by supporting mission work, the Foundation identified with The Cooperative Ministries mission to help the poor and is pleased to announce that a $2000 donation was given to this outstanding organization.

The $2000 gift to Cooperative Ministries will not go to their operating budget but has been directed to a special need. Our gift will help with the purchase of new work boots and new no-slip shoes to help people get a new job. Our investment will help pay for underwear and socks.

These simple items are real, tangible help for the Midlands working poor and another example of the TRUMC Foundation’s mission to answer God’s call and promote His message of love and caring.

Ready to participate? Call (803) 254-6695 to get started.


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