How Can I Participate in the TRUMC Foundation?

The TRUMC Foundation is guided by a dedicated board and enabled by the generous gifts of Foundation donors. There are multiple ways for parishioners to participate in the Foundation’s work.


Ensuring the prosperity of the TRUMC faith community is the mission of the TRUMC Foundation. Our community gives of itself freely in missionary and ministry work. The time parishioners invest truly enhances the life of the church. Consider serving on the TRUMC Foundation Board of Directors as a possible way to give of your time and talent.

  • Volunteer for the Board of Directors
  • Share the stories of Foundation-funded work


A monetary gift to the TRUMC Foundation is an investment in the prosperity of our faith community. Consider making a one-time donation to one of the established funds or a recurring donation to support our many ministries.  Even consider making a large donation that would allow you to establish a fund in your own or a loved one’s name.

  • Donate to an existing fund in the Foundation
  • Small Gifts can be added to the offertory if designated to the TRUMC Foundation
  • Larger gifts can be arranged through the Business Office.


A final estate plan that includes the TRUMC Foundation creates opportunities to preserve your gifts to TRUMC in perpetuity.  The Foundation preserves the legacy of you or your loved ones through named or designated funds that support specific church activities. Make the TRUMC programs you and your loved ones treasure your legacy through a TRUMC Foundation gift.

  • Make the Foundation part of your estate plans.

Are you ready to give a lasting gift through the TRUMC Foundation? Call (803) 254-6695 today.

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