How are the funds from the TRUMC Foundation being spent?

One of the questions our board members are frequently asked is how the funds we collect and grow are being spent.

Remember how the TRUMC Foundation works? We accept donations and endowments from dedicated individuals and families. We combine those gifts to grow the overall fund through investment earnings. We disperse funds to support programs within and adjacent to Trenholm Road United Methodist Church.

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So exactly how are the funds distributed?

In 2017, the Foundation helped a number of regular TRUMC programs including Children’s Music Ministries and the Salkehatchee Youth Program. We also supported special circumstances ministries like Hearts For Hunger and UMCOR Texas Floor Relief.

Here is the breakdown of numbers for the Foundation’s spending in 2017:

  • $20,971.05   To trustees for capital expenditures
  •     1,250.00    Outside musicians
  •     2,500.00   Hispanic Church Capital Campaign
  •     2,500.00   UMCOR Texas Flood Relief
  •     3910.00   Epworth Salkehatchie Scholarships
  •     3,000.00   Hearts For Hunger
  •     1,771.18   Music Conference for Walter Graham

Bringing musicians to perform for the community, supporting the Hispanic Church and providing scholarships to individuals to gain professional education are all ways the TRUMC Foundations adds to the life of the Church.

In all, the TRUMC Foundation supported the Trenholm Road United Methodist Church with $35,903 in dedicated financial assistance.

Thanks to donors and Foundation Board Members, the TRUMC Foundation continues to be a virile part of the mission and service of TRUMC.

Ready to participate? Call (803) 254-6695 to get started.

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